Hike Irvine: Top 10 Trails

While Irvine is rightly famed for its world-class schools, prestigious corporate headquarters, and fine dining and retail, the city is far from just concrete and glass. In fact, Irvine (which was mostly ranchland until the 1960s) and nearby communities boast extensive hiking trail networks with something ...



From Irvine Meadows to FivePoint Amphitheatre

When Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre was demolished in 2017, the city lost a landmark that had been a musical, cultural and social hub for generations of locals. The wrecking ball also ushered in determined efforts by both local music fans and venue operators Live Nation to retain a major outdoor music venue in the area. These are currently evidenced by a nearby interim replacement for the Meadows, FivePoint Amphitheatre, which was …

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You. Me. D&D.

Some people are blessed with extroverted personalities and active social lives, but some of us … aren’t. In any case, it’s always possible to find yourself needing friends. You may have recently been broken up with, or perhaps you just moved to Irvine for work. Maybe you need a change of scenery. It doesn’t matter why you need friends – you just do. Where do you start? How about Dungeons …

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Dishes Worth the Drive: Creamistry Creations and Le Diplomate Café’s Bahm Mi

With Valentine’s Day behind us and spring just around the corner, this month’s issue of dishes worth the drive from Los Angeles to Irvine offers a little sweet and a little savory. These two places are so unique that we truly believe they make up for the often rough commute from L.A. to Orange County. Our first stop is on the sweet side: Creamistry, an ice cream shop where everything, …

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Rising Artists of Orange County

Art is alive in Orange County. Local talent emerges constantly, and even though people typically look to L.A. for art in Southern California, we have more to offer than you’d think. During an exhibit by the Orange County chapter of RAW, an independent artist organization, I was lucky enough to speak with three different artists who were showing their work. The first person I spoke with was M.o.M Cllct founder …

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