Dishes Worth the Drive to Irvine

Unbeknownst to many in Los Angeles, their southern neighbor Irvine is quickly becoming one of the best, most diverse culinary destinations in Southern California. While Los Angeles no doubt has many edible delights throughout its vast metropolis, there are some unique dishes that are not available in ...




Irvine’s Best Group Fitness Classes

New Year, New You, New Work-Out Plan! Happy 2019! With the beginning of a new year always comes new resolutions and goals. Fitness always seems to be at the top of most peoples’ resolution list. However, no one wants to go to the gym alone! I am here to help jump-start your 2019 fitness goals with a list of excellent group workout classes to check out in Orange County over …

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Off the Walls of Greatness: Vans, an Orange County Icon

Worldwide shoe company, Vans, is an Orange County original and stays true to its roots in family, hard work, quality manufacturing and creativity. Originally named the Van Doren Rubber Company, Vans has always specialized in making simple, straight-forward, high-quality shoes for everyday wear, extreme sports and stylistic statements. Founded in 1966, the Van Doren Rubber Company, aka Vans, began as a unique business venture that stood out from the rest …

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Left Coast Brewing Company: Dedicated to Quality Beer

In Irvine, Left Coast Brewing Company is our local brewery. There are a few other beers that are brewed here, but none with as much local pride and creativity than that of Left Coast. Helping to build a craft beer scene from the ground up, Left Coast Brewing Company’s founders, the Hadjis family, has been dedicated to making quality beers and extraordinary experiences in their establishments since the 1990s and …

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