Dirty John Makes Its TV Debut On Bravo!

Cable network Bravo is bringing the chilling events that led to the murder of John Meehan to life in the crime anthology series “Dirty John.” Meehan, a surgeon who in actuality was a con man, became romantically involved with Irvine/Newport Beach interior designer, Debra Newell. The beautiful Newell ...




Finding Innovation and Inspiration at Irvine’s Newest Art Gallery: The Gallery at WorkWell

In the nooks and crannies throughout Irvine, there are small hubs being built, neighborhoods being transformed and needs being met. As the city evolves into a mecca for innovation and inclusivity, spaces like the membership-based coworking destination WorkWell will be much more common. For now, it is a unique and gorgeous gem that can be found in a sea of conglomerates and large companies. WorkWell is a place for independent …

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Election 2018: The Results

Mayor and City Council Irvine’s heated election season is officially at an end, for now. While some votes are still being tallied, it is safe to conclude that incumbent mayor Don Wagner has been re-elected to serve another two-year term in the city’s highest political post. Irvine will also welcome two new faces to the Irvine City Council: Anthony Kuo and Farrah Kahn. Kuo is a lifelong resident of Irvine and currently …

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Fallout Continues from Shocktoberfest’s Sudden Cancellation

The fallout from University of California, Irvine’s Shocktoberfest continues, with many students wondering if they are getting a refund to the event. The annual fall concert, which kicks off the university’s basketball season, was shut down after rapper Famous Dex jumped into the crowd during his set on Friday, October 19, propelling many fans to rush the stage. After it was announced that the sold-out Shocktoberfest was canceled, the mayhem …

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Escape From Irvine!

A wise man once said, “Lemme outta here!!!” It is likely that this man had not willingly entangled himself in a situation that would have ultimately resulted in his shouting of that particular panicked phrase, but this is the 21st century. People now fork out cash to be temporarily incarcerated in escape rooms — that is, rooms that are meticulously designed with a variety of clues and/or mechanisms through which, …

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