With the current circumstances of the pandemic, takeout is now the “new normal.” The pricey delivery fees as well as the many flaws that ordering through delivery comes with, make takeout the most viable option for many. Fortunately, Irvine is filled with delicious and affordable eateries that offer abundant takeout options to ensure the safety and accommodation of their customers.

Chung Chun (Photo by Sam Hingco)

Chung Chun

Chung Chun is located in the Zion Market food court and is already well-known for their Korean cheese hot dogs. They serve an assortment of hot dogs including their ramen dog, potato dog, and squid ink cheese dog with their main menu ranging from two to five dollars. Along with the many menu items, they provide several condiments to choose from to top off your Chung Chun experience. Their more popular sauces include the honey mustard paired with a classic tomato ketchup. Chung Chun also offers a drink menu for their customers, serving boba teas, fruit teas and fresh lattes.

4800 Irvine Blvd #101, Irvine, CA 92620


Paleteria Azteca

Only five minutes away from the Tustin-Irvine border, Paleteria Azteca is an ice cream/popsicle shop based in South Tustin. Paleteria Azteca, “Paleteria” meaning “Popsicle Shop” in Spanish, is one of the many Mexican eateries on Newport Avenue. The options here are endless and cater to all kinds of customer desires. From creamy milk flavors to fruity flavors and even spicy flavors, Paleteria Azteca serves a broad range of individuals. They are accommodating to each customer and properly display social distancing standards for an eatery. They are also incredibly cheap and affordable if you are looking for the perfect summer takeout dessert.

17292 McFadden Ave suite g, Tustin, CA 92780



Though known for their sliders, Burntzilla fries are the way to go when you are craving a quick and hearty meal during quarantine. Their commonly ordered fries are the Carne Asada fries; loaded with asada meat, fresh cheese, onion, guacamole and tomatoes. Each of the fries options as well comes in the form of tater tots, catering to the preferences of each customer. The fries cost a mere $5.50, which is substantially low compared to other eateries that charge an overwhelmingly higher amount for loaded fries. Their shop is very open and airy, allowing for customers to easily distance themselves and quickly grab their food without contact. A bite of their crispy Carne Asada fries followed by a sip of their famous sweet tea makes for a relaxing summer day!

14413 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92606

Chronic Tacos (Photo by Sam Hingco)

Chronic Tacos

Chronic Tacos in both Walnut Village and Alton Square provides a lengthy menu along with a wide array of options for inexpensive pricing. From the tacos to the bowls to the burritos to the fries, Chronic Tacos will guarantee optimal quality and service. The staffs at both locations are incredibly friendly to each and every customer that walks in the door and the family atmosphere that they provide is difficult to find nowadays. Many people will order their tacos solely because of the free guacamole that many other taco shops do not offer. You can order from them via call or their website. Make sure you look out for their dollar off Burritos/Bowls and Taco Tuesday deals to optimize your Chronic experience!

14435 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92604

5365 Alton Pkwy Ste D, Irvine, CA 92604

Thai Cafe

Another one of Irvine’s hidden gems, Thai Cafe is a small restaurant, offering savory thai cuisine that accurately embodies the warmth of an authentic Thai meal. They are famous for their Pad See Ew which pleasantly incorporates the silky noodles with their heavenly meat. The Tom Yum Soup is also quite frequently ordered due to the rich broth that many individuals find luscious and tasty. To order, you can call ahead of time or even place an order in the store for takeout. Thai Cafe is ideal for those who are looking to serve a larger number of people for reasonable pricing. Each of their menu item plates can serve two to three individuals. To optimize your visit, grab a cup of their refreshing Thai tea to accompany your savory meal!

14715 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine, CA 92618

Jollibee (Photo by Sam Hingco)


Jollibee, located inside Seafood City, is quite well known as a Filipino fast food chain. They serve chicken, spaghetti, burgers and much more. However, Jollibee is infamous for the chicken joy and spaghetti. They offer very appetizing meals for a minimal cost and sell a vast amount of menu items which are accustomed to several cravings. Jollibee sells desserts such as their sweet and gooey Peach Mango Pie, that many enjoy snacking on. Along with their delicious and inexpensive meal variety, they successfully maintain social distancing, only allowing a specified amount of customers inside at a time. To order, you can call ahead of time or order online.

2180 Barranca Pkwy Ste # 120, Irvine, CA 92606

Ding Tea (Photo by Sam Hingco)

Ding Tea

Ding Tea is the spot to visit if you are craving your boba fix while still wanting to minimize spending. The staff is especially considerate toward their customers, and ensures that each customer leaves with a smile behind their mask. They are exceedingly helpful in that they offer several pickup options: by phone, via website, DoorDash, Postmates, GrubHub and Uber Eats. When it comes to options, Ding Tea is the place to visit. Their spacious store is ideal for social distancing guidelines. In terms of their drinks, they serve a diverse selection of milk teas or even juices for those who are not fond of tea, all within a reasonable price range.

92 Corporate Park suite d, Irvine, CA 92606

BF Bakery & Cafe (Photo by Sam Hingco)

BF Bakery & Cafe

Located inside 99 Ranch Market in Culver Plaza, Bread Farm is a hidden Asian bakery serving a variety of inexpensive pastries, baked goods and drinks that accommodate a wide range of preferences. Bread Farm is the perfect pick-me-up to grab on the go for a quick lunch or breakfast. They only offer takeout, already accustomed to the new “normal,” aware of how to properly attend to each customer in a safe manner. Bread Farm also offers several cakes that make for an excellent last-minute quarantine birthday. Their prices are very ideal for customers. And they almost always offer “Buy One Get One Free” deals for both their bread and drinks.

15333 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92604