As Summer nears, everyone will be looking to get their hands on the next Insta-worthy beverage that will spike social media metrics worldwide.  

So, if you’re on the hunt for the next Internet-breaking, thirst-quenching Instagram trend you might want to head to Irvine, California. But, come prepared, because it looks like the forecast is predicting clouds. Coffee Clouds!  

(Evan Lancaster)

Found at the Irvine-based Spiritea Premium Drinks Tea Room inside the Tustin Ranch Marketplace, this is Spiritea’s version of whipped coffee! The milk-based beverage features a fluffy, coffee-flavored cloud placed on top of milk and ice. 

Spiritea specializes in handcrafted fruit tea drinks, made with pure cane sugar. Their latest creation might be a coffee lover’s dream come true: Served in a tall, slender plastic cup, with the “Coffee Clouds” gently placed on top. The drink is built to be shaken, so that the liquid can combine with the cloud of whipped coffee.

Mixing it together creates a thick, milky layer of coffee cloud and liquid. The cloud has a nice, whipped velvety texture, and a bold coffee flavor. 

There might be some similarities between Spiritea’s Coffee Cloud and the latest Dalgona coffee trend appearing across social media. Dalgona coffee is made by combining equal parts instant coffee, hot water and sugar.

Dalgona coffee has become a relatively new beverage trend that’s picked up popularity thanks to YouTube and TikTok.

However, Spiritea’s coffee cloud isn’t the first innovative cloud-topped beverage the tea room has debuted.

In January, a Cantaloupe Cloud Tea appeared on social media — so perhaps more clouds are expected. You can find other Spiritea locations in New York and Vancover, Canada. However, Coffee Clouds are currently only available at the Irvine location.