I am a sucker when it comes to dessert. As much as I love salty food, you can always catch me craving a cupcake, ice cream or even a slice of cherry pie. So, I have made it my mission to break down some of the best dessert spots in and around Irvine to help you satisfy all of your sugar cravings!

Milky Buns – Photo courtesy of Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream combines my two favorite loves: Doughnuts and ice cream. What sets Afters apart from most ice cream joints is two key things. One is their signature milky buns. Milky buns are handcrafted glazed dough buns that act as the perfect vessel for your ice cream. They are always fresh and hot, providing a nice compliment to the cold sensation of the ice cream. The second is Afters unique flavors of ice cream. These range from milk and cereal flavored ice cream to a twist on a classic flavor like Madagascar vanilla. A fan-favorite at Afters is their Cookie Monster flavor which is blue-dyed cookie chunks. Another is favorite is Cookie Butter which tastes exactly like the Cookie Butter you might find at your local Trader Joes.

2738 Alton Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92606

Photo courtesy of 85 Degree Bakery

85 Degree Bakery

85 Degree Bakery is a great spot to pick up tasty and delicious pastries. The concept of the store is a self-serve bakery that offers a vast variety of baked goods. For a sweet pastry, try their Choco bun, taro swirl bun or matcha chocolate bun. All these breads burst with sweet flavor whenever you take a bite. They even have a fantastic selection of savory pastries to choose from. These include fun items like garlic cheese bread, sausage rolls and potato cheese buns. Locals also swear by their classic brioche bun roll and their mini cheese tarts. If pastries are not what you’re looking for, 85 Degree Bakery also offers a large selection of cakes and other sweet treats. You can order anything from full-sized cakes to mango tarts, and slices of blueberry cheesecake. With so many different options to satisfy your sweet tooth, it will be hard to stay away from this place.

2700 Alton Pkwy, Suite 123
Irvine, CA 92606

915 Spectrum Dr
Irvine, CA 92618

Photo courtesy of Sweet Combforts

Sweet Combforts

Sweet Combforts is proving that waffles are much more than breakfast food. By making beautifully sugared hand-made waffles and putting them on a popsicle stick, Sweet Combforts has made a dessert that is portable and less messy than most. Their waffles come in a variety of eye-catching and enjoyable flavors. Try a Bam Bam waffle, their classic Belgian liege waffle dipped in white chocolate and topped with fruity pebble cereal, cheesecake bites, powdered sugar and a white chocolate drizzle. Another favorite is their Cookies and Dream waffle. Dipped in Oreo cookie butter, this waffle is then topped off with Oreo cookie crumbles, powdered sugar and a chocolate drizzle. These beautiful and sweet waffles are a pleasant new way to eat dessert. Along with their waffles, Sweet Combforts also makes fun shakes such as a Horchata shake. And to accompany their Cookies and Dream waffle, they make a Cookie Monster Shake.

2222 Michelson Dr.
Trade Food Court
Irvine, CA 92612

Photo courtesy of the Dirty Cookie

The Dirty Cookie

The Dirty Cookie is the perfect spot to pick up dessert for your next dinner party. This place gives a whole new angle on what it means to be a cookie. The Dirty Cookie takes different flavors of cookie dough and molds them into a small cup shape. These cookie shots come in classic cookie flavors like chocolate chip, red velvet, churro and cookies and cream. They even have vegan, gluten-free cookie shot options. My favorite part about these cookie shots is that they become the best vehicle for liquid. You can pour milk or any liquid of your choice right into the middle of the cookie. For an adult party, you can even add your favorite type of liquor such as Bailey’s or Kahlua!

2493 Park Ave,
Tustin, CA 92782

SideCar Doughnuts

Visit SideCar when you want a unique spin on a glazed doughnut — or any doughnut for that matter. With a revolving door of flavors every month it is hard to pick a favorite, but here are some of SideCar Doughnuts must-tries: For a twist on a classic flavor, grab their butter and salt doughnut. It is the perfect combination of sweet and savory which makes it hard to resist. For a fruity twist, grab their signature huckleberry-flavored doughnut. This rich pink-colored doughnut is the ideal flavor-bomb of summer in a doughnut. Lastly, a unique flavor is their basil eggs benedict doughnut. It is a savory raised doughnut filled with a poached egg, basil and a delicious sauce.

270 E 17th St, Ste 18
Costa Mesa, CA 92627