Irvine-Based Company Shows That Work-From-Office Is Not Dead — Adds 30,000 Square Feet in Under 8 Months


In a world where most businesses are trading bricks for clicks and reducing their office footprints, Trusted Tech Team, headquartered in Irvine, California, is taking a different approach. Their fresh perspective hinges on a tried-and-true principle: no matter how advanced our digital tools become, there is still no substitute for in-person collaboration.

Trusted Tech Team (TTT) isn’t afraid to go against the grain. As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) that prides itself on industry-leading, US-based support and competitive pricing, it’s always been more than your typical tech company. Led by licensing experts and certified engineers, TTT offers an all-in-one solution for Microsoft 365 and Azure and is renowned for best-in-class Microsoft tech support across North America.

Innovation lies at the heart of their approach They’ve assembled some of the best talent when it comes to Microsoft products and licensing, allowing them to develop unique programs, such as the Platinum 365 Program. This offers up to 20% discounts on M365 licensing and unparalleled legacy support.

Commitment to customer service sets them apart even further. “We’re bridging the gap between IT professionals and the technology they leverage,” says Julian Hamood, the president of Trusted Tech Team. “We don’t just hand off tickets to Microsoft; we go the extra mile to solve the problems ourselves. We want to be THE Microsoft partner that everyone wants because we can answer and solve questions faster than anyone in the industry.”

This unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction has paid off in a big way. Today, TTT proudly boasts 8 Microsoft Gold Partner designations and 3 Solutions Partner Designations, positioning it as one of the top Microsoft Partners globally.

And TTT’s growth doesn’t stop there. They recently announced a massive expansion of their operations, moving into a 32,000 square feet office space to accommodate more in-house experts. In 2022 alone, TTT surpassed its revenue goal by over $53 million, allowing them to triple its employee headcount and increase office square footage by over 550%.

This expansion allowed for more success stories like that of Account Executive Sales Manager, Andrew Castro. Andrew started his journey at TTT as an entry-level business development representative after a chance meeting with Julian Hamood during his time as an Uber driver. His personable skills and dedication helped him climb the corporate ladder, and today, he’s a testament to the opportunities that TTT offers its employees.

Terapixels Systems, a leading IT and security company based in California, has been an instrumental partner in setting up the state-of-the-art IT and security infrastructure for TTT’s headquarters in Irvine. Their commitment and expertise have undoubtedly played a pivotal part in enabling TTT’s expansion.

Nick Masters, the Director of Facilities at Trusted Tech Team, could not hide his enthusiasm about the partnership. “Terapixels Systems were exceptional from start to finish. As someone who helps manage a business with 150+ employees across 32,000 sq. ft., I can attest to the fact that choosing Terapixels for your IT needs is a decision you will not regret. Their level of work is top-notch, all at a reasonable price point,” he said.

The daring approach of expanding physical office space in a predominantly work-from-home era is a testament to Trusted Tech Team’s audacious spirit. As this Irvine-based Microsoft provider is proving, there is always a path forward for those willing to see things differently and invest in the power of people and in-person collaboration. This team is continually preparing for bigger clients and grander challenges, embodying the ethos that the future belongs to the brave.

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