In a move that amplifies its current growth, Irvine-based Trusted Tech Team recently announced a new office in London, a strategic step underscoring its commitment to lead the US and UK cloud market. This decision highlights the company’s confidence in its unique approach to servicing Microsoft cloud products and its dedication to promoting a more connected and customer-first business culture.

The company recognized that the UK’s cloud market is witnessing exponential growth, driven by an increased need for digital transformation. With the Trusted Tech Team’s robust IT infrastructure and a business ecosystem increasingly shifting toward cloud solutions, the region presents a productive ground for a provider like Trusted Tech Team. Their entrance is not just timely but critical, given the UK market’s need for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective cloud solutions.

Trusted Tech Team has carved a niche as a go-to Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), combining competitive pricing with unparalleled support. Their reputation hinges on their team of world-class certified engineers and tech specialists, providing 24/7 support from the US and now the UK. This dual-location strategy underscores their commitment to serving clients with no time zone restrictions or delays.

Their comprehensive service sets the Trusted Tech Team apart in the Microsoft CSP space. They earned their stripes as an accredited Microsoft CSP Direct Bill Partner and hold multiple Solutions Partner designations, not to mention their legacy as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Their Microsoft 365, Azure, and associated support expertise distinguishes them within North America. The key? They sidestep the complex paths businesses often navigate when seeking support, providing direct, expert assistance that many CSPs struggle to match.

The company’s decision to establish a base in London aligns with its customer-first philosophy. Known for its focus on robust customer relations and a human-centric approach, the UK market syncs well with the Trusted Tech Team vision. This customer intimacy is about resolving issues, understanding the client’s business model, anticipating needs, and being a consistent support pillar.

With their new office in London, Trusted Tech Team is ready to bring the success they had in the US to the UK. They will not just fix tech problems. They also help businesses get the proper licenses, ensure their tech systems work well together, and eliminate common IT issues. Backed by competitive pricing and unmatched SLA timelines, this hands-on approach offers UK businesses a refreshing alternative to impersonal, off-the-shelf solutions.

Since 2017, Trusted Tech Team has shown that being a Microsoft CSP means more than transactional interactions. Their blend of bottom-line friendly pricing, licensing acumen, and rapid, reliable support answers for M365 and Azure have made them a preferred partner for medium and enterprise-sized businesses. Their team’s expertise is more than about credentials; it is about providing fast, accurate solutions, a promise they are bringing to the UK market in full force.

By expanding to the UK, Trusted Tech Team is doing more than opening a new office. They bring their proven, people-first approach to a new market hungry for the kind of partnership they offer. They are counting on UK companies needing advanced, yet personal, cloud solutions. And given their history, they are likely to meet this challenge successfully.

Trusted Tech Team’s arrival in the UK is good news for companies turning to cloud technology or those trying to improve their tech systems. It means a supportive partner is ready to understand their needs, make changes, and keep delivering top-quality service—qualities that set new standards in the UK’s cloud market.

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