Following Governor Gavin Newsom’s orders, the Irvine City Council has approved multiple resolutions to ensure public safety during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

While a number of resolutions are already in effect — separate shopping hours for senior citizens and restaurants moving to takeaway service — there are a few notable changes, including a freeze on evictions.

City Council Resolution No. 20-29 states that the city: “strongly encourage(s), and expect(s), all residential and commercial landlords, and all utility providers, in the City of Irvine to abide by the provisions of the Governor’s Executive Order, and to specifically refrain from evictions, foreclosures, rent increases, or service and utility disconnections during the period of the COVID-19 emergency. Without limiting the foregoing, this Section is intended to apply to consumers utilizing storage spaces (whether that relationship is defined as a tenancy or otherwise), which consumers shall be deemed ‘tenants’ for purposes of this resolution.”

Gov. Newsom has asked California cities to protect their renters by halting evictions and rent increases.

Irvine City Council’s orders also include resolutions that protect the employees of retail and service businesses, requesting that employers provide protective supplies such as masks, gloves and cleaning agents. Strict capacity limits are to be followed as well, limiting customers in accordance with social distancing rules.

According to a recent press release, the city is also asking employers to provide information on mental health resources available to help them cope with the stress and anxiety of working during the pandemic.

You can read the release and all of Irvine’s new resolutions on the city website here.