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Loretta Sanchez: Fight for a better Orange County

I love Orange County. That’s why my family and I have lived here for over 55 years. That’s why I fought for two decades in the House of Representatives to bring opportunity and growth to the county. I am running now for the Orange County Board of Supervisors because this is my home and I want it to be a place where everyone can thrive and prosper.

I love Orange County because it made the American Dream possible for my parents, who immigrated in the 1950s, worked hard to provide for and educate me and my six brothers and sisters. Through their support and the power of education, my sister and I became the first and only sisters in American history to serve together in the House of Representatives.

Loretta Sanchez

While representing Orange County in Congress, I worked with federal, state and local officials to bring billions of dollars of investment home to Orange County to improve our roads, water system, schools, hospitals and first responder capabilities. In 2015, Congressional Quarterly named me one of the “25 most powerful women of Congress.” As a county supervisor, I am ready to put that experience and know-how to work for the people of Orange County.

I believe the Board of Supervisors must take responsibility for solving our most pressing problems. During my 20 years of service in Congress, I fought tooth and nail to make sure the people of Orange County received the services and public support they deserve. Unfortunately, I didn’t always see the same dedication from our local Board of Supervisors. For example, despite large appropriations to improve health care and provide housing for the homeless, the Board of Supervisors failed to use available resources or implement effective programs for the working families of Orange County. It is time for an overhaul and a breath of new energy.

We need leadership at the county level which will focus on issues like health care, a basic and indispensable human right. When I learned that Santa Ana was ranked as one of the most poorly insured cities in the United States, I worked with my colleagues in Congress and local leaders to launch “Enroll OC,” which helped over 2,000 uninsured individuals get reliable access to quality health care.

Another priority that demands immediate action is fire safety. The wildfires of 2017 and 2018 showed that the current Board of Supervisors has failed to adequately prepare the county for this threat. Inefficient procedures and gaps in city-county coordination and essential equipment delayed response times and left much to be desired. Many of our cities, including Irvine, rely on the O.C. Board of Supervisors to properly manage and equip their fire departments. The current board has failed to update procedures and ensure that we are ready for the next crisis. Our firefighters do their jobs with courage and dedication. We need strong, proactive leadership at the county level to confront and solve current issues before they become catastrophes.

Since leaving public office, I have devoted my time to tackling some of Orange County’s toughest issues. I have worked with public and private partners to provide shelter and essential services for homeless women — the most at-risk homeless population. I am also working with private industry, labor and schools to create an innovative program to build small modular housing units as a solution to the housing shortage in our county. This would allow families and multi-generational households to create more affordable housing options on their existing properties. Public-private partnerships like these are one of the many ways the Board of Supervisors can make a difference and build a better future for our communities.

As your supervisor, I will bring over 30 years of government, business and finance experience to make Orange County a better place for our children. I would be honored to have your vote on March 12th to be the next member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors and do what I do best: Fight for a better Orange County.