Update: Oct. 27, 8:32 am — The Silverado Fire burning in Irvine has spread to more than 11,000 acres. However, Orange County fire crews were able to suppress the blaze to reach a level of five percent containment as of Tuesday morning.

All evacuation orders remain in effect, per The Orange County Fire Authority.

Update: 9:27 pm — No structures have been damaged by the Silverado Fire in Irvine. However, despite the lack of structure damager, the Irvine Police Department will keep evacuations in place until further notice.

Further north, in Yorba Linda, the Blue Ridge Fire has reached 3,000 acres in size. Both fires have yet to reach any level of containment as of Monday night, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.

Update: 4:30 pm — The Silverado Fire has now grown to 7,200 acres and forced the evacuation of 90,800 residents in Irvine, as of 4:30 pm Monday, Oct. 26, according to the Orange County Fire Authority. The Silverado Fire has yet to reach any percentage of containment.

During a Monday afternoon press conference, Orange County Fire Authority Fire Chief Brian Fennessy said the Silverado Fire has yet to damage any  structures.

“We’ve been very fortunate not to have lost any structures, yet. A lot of that has to do with all the great work our citizens have done within the City of Irvine, the brush clearances — everything we’ve asked for in terms of defensible space, really led to a lot of success in terms of a lack of structure loss within the city of Irvine,” Fennessy explained.

While the size of the Silverado Fire, in terms of acreage, has doubled in less than a day, Fennessy explained that most air support has been grounded due to high winds.

Adding that ground crews are essential for knocking down the blaze, once air crews have dropped fire retardant from above.

“Yes, we flew aircraft early on in the incident, it became much too windy, much too bumpy and the air tactical group supervisors called off all the aircraft and they’ve largely been sitting on the ground all day,” he said. “Once the velocity of the wind diminishes, to point where it’s safe to be flying — they will be flying.”

Update: 4:00 pm — The Silverado Fire in Irvine has now burned more than 4,000 acres, promoted the evacuations of more than 60,000 residents and threatens more than 1,000 homes. This Orange County fire has also promoted a federal response.

On Monday, Oct. 26 California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the state has secured a Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG) from the Federal Emergency Management System to help ensure the availability of resources.

Update: 2:21 pm — Orange County Fire Authority reports that two Handcrew members were critically injured while fighting the Silverado fire. A 26-year-old crew member and a 31-year-old crew member suffered Second and Third degree burns.

Update: 1:21 pm — The Silverado Fire burning in Irvine’s Santiago Canyon is now estimated to to be 4,000 acres in size, according to Orange County Fire Authority.

OCFA Captain Greg Barta said there are 500 firefighters battling the blaze.

Update: 1:12 pm — The Silverado Fire burning in Irvine’s Santiago Canyon is being accelerated by dry vegetation and high winds, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.

With a High Wind Warning in place until Tuesday, Oct. 27, Captain Greg Barta of OCFA said the wind is currently the main contributor in the Silverado Fire’s lack of containment.

“The wind is very concerning,” Barta said in an interview with Irvine Weekly. “The wind is definitely the main factor driving this fire.”

In terms of the fire threatening structures, Barta added that he was unsure of the fire’s proximity to any structures at the time.

Update: 12:39 pm — The Silverado Fire burning more than 2,000 acres in Irvine, and has yet to reach any level of containment as of Monday afternoon. Approximately 60,000 residents have been evacuated.

Update: 11:49 am — 150 firefighter units are battling the Silverado Fire in Irvine. The Orange County Fire Authority estimates 20,000 homes have now been evacuated.

The National Weather Service issued a High Wind Warning on Monday Oct. 26 at 3:37 am Mountain Standard Time. The warning indicated 30 to 40 with gusts up to 65 MPH.

Additionally the NTS High Wind Warning that some areas could experience, “Isolated gusts to 80 mph.”

In a Facebook post Sunday, Oct. 25, the National Weather Services indicated that current weather patterns indicated a strong potential for fire activity, with overdue, critical conditions expected for parts of Southern California.

Update: 11:28 am — CalFire has confirmed the Silverado Fire burning inside Irvine’s Silverado and Santiago Canyons is currently zero percent contained.

Update: 11:08 am — The Silverado Fire has prompted the evacuations of more than 60,000 residents in Irvine. The City of Irvine indicates that the University and Quail Hill Community Centers are now full.

Update: 11:02 am — The Silverado Fire has burned more than 2,000 acres in Irvine as of 11:00 am on Monday. Police Chief Mike Hamel said there have been no structures lost, “So far.”

The Silverado fire in Irvine is currently burning in the area of 241 and 133, per Chief Hamel.

Update: 10:47 am — The Silverado Fire is currently at least 2,000 acres. Air support is currently grounded due to high winds, per Orange County Fire Authority.

Road closures include Santiago Canyon Road from Cooks to Highway 241, as indicated by The Orange County Fire Authority.

Orange County Fire crews are currently battling a set of fires in the Irvine area. The Silverado Fire and the Santiago Fire are both a threat due to high winds.

This map indicates Irvine’s current evacuation areas.

In a tweet Monday, the Orange County Fire Authority shared a video of flames reaching Highway 241, estimating that at least 60,000 people were under evacuations orders.

The Silverado Fire, located off of Santiago Canyon Road and Silverado Canyon Road, which is now being classified as a vegetation fire, is estimated to be 2,000 acres. This fire is a potential danger to Irvine structures due to high winds, according to Irvine Mayor Christian Shea.

“The fire started in Silverado Canyon, and helicopters and fixed wing aircraft are on the way. The wind is making it move very quickly. Orchard Hills will be notified of an evacuated in order very shortly,” Shea said. “There is also and evaluation warning that will probably go to residents north of Irvine Boulevard.”

The Irvine Police Department has current evacuations for Orchard Hills on Irvine Blvd from Bake Parkway to Jamboree Road. Highway 241 is closed from Santiago to Highway 133.

The Irvine Police Department has established care and shelter facilities for those facing evacuation.

Mandatory Evacuation:

  • Northwood High School


  • Portola Springs
  • Eastwood
  • Stonegate
  • Loma Ridge
  • Canyon View
  • Santiago Hills


  • Le Port
  • Northwood
  • Little Explorers

Tustin Unified will be evacuated to Beckman HS:

  • Hicks Canyon
  • Orchard Hills

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