Wild Rivers Water Park in Irvine has updated its website with a brand new 3-D video rendering concept, featuring major aspects of Wild Rivers, starting at the main entrance and Lazy River.

The one minute and thirty-two-second 3-D video, created by the Costa Mesa-based Conceptual Design & Planning Company, shows the most detailed aspects of Wild Rivers to date.

The 3-D concept starts at the entrance of Wild Rivers, then moves onto the Lazy River. There, the viewer takes a walk to the left of the river, toward the RainFortress. Following an aerial shot of the Rainfortress, we are given a look at the colorfully monolithic Family Raft Rides.

Set to open in the Great Park in May 2022, the new Wild Rivers new 3-D rendering video concept is the first look at the new water park’s updated look. Irvine residents say they have been eager for the reopening of the aquatic attraction for years, but it has been met with delays.

In April 2020, the Great Park Board received a request to select a different site for the project.

During its April 28 meeting, the Great Park Board cited an “unforeseen delay” in the land transfer of the planned construction site and has recommended the City Council approve a new 20-acre site for Wild Rivers.

The unforeseen delay can be linked to the land lease in which the city of Irvine and Wild Rivers obtained the property chosen for the development. In 2017, when plans to bring Wild Rivers to the Great Park materialized the city leased land from the Department of Navy, through a Lease in Furtherance of Conveyance (LIFOC).

Originally, the portion of Navy-owned land was slated for transfer to Irvine in October 2019. However, the LIFOC land “required further studies prior to transfer,” according to the Request for Board Action — a process the Navy estimates could take a minimum of 18-24 months.

Prior to the release of the 3-D fly-over video, Wild Rivers was expected to break ground in April, but was met with challenges associated with financing, according to Wild Rivers Water Park President Mike Riedel.

Eventually, Wild Rivers broke ground in July, after acquiring funding for the $60 million water park project.

While the project was expected to break ground in April, Mike Riedel, president of Wild Rivers, explained that selling the bonds for financing was a “rocky road” to endure, but being able to solidify funding was a monumental step in this project.

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