Paying homage to the unique culinary scene found in Charleston, South Carolina, Irvine’s Porch & Swing is showcasing a new, ever-changing menu concept that will allow guests to experience the versatile concepts found within Southern cuisine. 

Porch & Swing’s Executive Chef Alan Sanz says he is excited, and ready for the challenge.

Executive Chef Alan Sanz

Sanz has spent several years cooking under internationally renowned chefs — at Boragó in Chile, Parcela in Mexico City, Epicure in France, and Mugaritz in Spain. While Sanz’s tenure as an international chef has taken him around the world, he says the flavors of Charleston-inspired cooking are one-of-a-kind, as the dishes provide bold flavors by way of global cooking techniques.

Sanz explained that his experience as an international chef has given him a unique perspective of cooking styles from around the world. Now, he’s leveraging that experience to help guide Porch and Swing’s farm-to-table approach for his fluid menu.  

“Our ever-changing menu began as a training exercise for our culinary team, but it proved to be a true representation of Charleston’s effervescent global dining scene,” Sanz explained. “Our menus showcase the flavors of the world while staying true to the ethos of Southern cuisine. Porch & Swing celebrates the beauty and versatility of local, seasonal ingredients through dishes that capture the Southern soul and global flavors of Charleston.”

In order to provide guests with an array of culinary experiences, each month Sanz will be offering a curated dinner menu that will include only a few appetizers, main courses, and desserts that will focus on peak of the season ingredients. 

Helping Sanz deliver this farm-to-table experience is Porch & Swing’s long time Beverage Director Andrew Parish. As a native of Charleston, Parish says he feels connected to the concept, given his familiarity with the regional cuisine. 

“Porch & Swing is an homage to my hometown, the port city and culinary epicenter of Charleston, South Carolina,” Parish explained. “Our goal is to reframe the generalized understanding of Southern cuisine while upholding its unparalleled standards for warmth and hospitality.”

While both Sanz and Parish are excited to share the ever changing menu experience with guests, they’re making room for tradition at Porch & Swing. During the last week of each month, guests can experience some of Porch & Swing’s most memorable dishes during “Classics Week,” when Sanz will be recreating unforgettable dishes like yuzu-cured hamachi, beef carpaccio seasoned with chimichurri and dukka, pork jowl with grits and pineapple or slow-cooked short rib with au jus and sweet potato.

Dry aged New York Steak

Porch & Swing also offers a $35 prix-fixe menu during lunch, along with tasting menus that range between $75 – $125. Additional events include a series of unique artisanal spirit festivals, including the Porch & Swing Agave Festival on Sunday, May 21, the Porch & Swing Rum Festival on Sunday, June 11, and the Porch & Swing Beer & Whiskey BBQ on Sunday, July 2.

Brunch is also in season, as Porch & Swing will host a weekend brunch titled “Around the World in 12 Brunches” beginning on June 4. 


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