Shoppers at a Costco near UC Irvine spotted something unusual about a batch of sweaters bearing the local Irvine-based university’s namesake. A typo, which mistakenly used a ‘U’ in place of an ‘I‘ spelled the highly ranked university, “UC Urvine“.

Costco started selling uci hoodies but misspelled Irvine from UCI

The wardrobe malfunction was originally posted to Reddit by redditor u/ucfinsta on Saturday, Aug. 27,  and has since been upvoted hundreds of times.

However, it seems Costco caught on to the fashion blunder quickly, and removed them from the shelves, according to several users.

While users were curious about the specific Costco locations, some users commented that UC Irvine sweater typo was seen at stores at Tustin and Laguna Niguel.

Others were curious if they could purchase the misprinted items anyway.

Redditor u/littlemissperf wrote that she went to the Costco inside the District, but an employee told her that the clothes had been sent back to the distributor.

It is unclear if any shoppers were able to claim this now seemingly discontinued item.

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