After stealing the hearts of social media users this week, the abandoned puppy found by an Irvine police officer has been identified as a four-week-old terrier mix, and has been named Jamison.

Jamison is currently resting at the Irvine Animal Care Center and will be up for adoption in one month.

“We are happy to report the puppy found Sunday night, named Jamison, is being cared for by a foster family and is doing well. The Irvine Animal Care Center believes he is a 4-week-old terrier mix. Based upon his age, it will be at least 1 month before adoption can be considered,” IPD tweeted on Wednesday, March 10.

Jamison was the lucky puppy found on Sunday, March 7, while Irvine Police Officer Blevins was patrolling. In a tweet Wednesday, the Irvine Police Department gave more details on the location of this animal rescue.

“We would like to clarify that Jamison was found near Kelvin and Jamboree by a resident and turned over to Officer Blevins who took this cute little guy to the vet. Thank you all for your compassion and interest in this story,” IPD wrote in a tweet.

A photo of the dog and Officer Blevins posted on social media by IDP began to generate praise for Officer Blevins, along with inquiry about the dog’s well-being, and any available adoption information.

Later, thanks to a tip from Kim Blevins’ – Officer Blevin’s mother – on Instagram, Irvine Weekly later discovered that Officer Blevins rescued a kitten while on patrol three years ago. The officer later adopted the kitten, and named her Neela.

Apparently, Neela was found wrapped in newspaper in an Irvine dumpster, when Officer Blevins found her. She was nursed back to health and is currently living her best life as a Blevin family member.